The Rick Bryant Trio

at The Dogs Bollix



Thomas Mee


The Rick Bryant Trio performed on July 19th 2007 with special guest Siobhan Marshall, who also did a solo "I can pretend" by Rick Bryant and Tommy Ludwigson. The gig seemed to have two approaches - minimal - two guitars backed by a keyboard - and then the great invasion of a BV line - a show within a show with a theatrical quality.

Some in the audience loved the new BV lineup, others preferred the show when it was minimal. These days do you have to please everyone?

The show ended with two of Rick's very new numbers that carried some raw pop potential, I rather liked Used to be Friends, but Red Meat (and Bad Behaviour) jumped out of a show that had already found its legs but perhaps the richest set of new material lay in the end of the first half, with just the trio; but you could feel the crowd itch for a full sound behind Rick. Also liked the first half finalé Countdown which gave the band a bit of a chance but the grand entrance of the BVs was also fun.

July 19th 2007 The Rick Bryant Trio played The Dogs Bollix.

Guest artist Siobhan Marshall

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