/images/musicians/rickbryant/jivebombers/jb21/singers-c.jpgFor clients with really deep pockets and a strong line in nostalgia, one of New Zealand's best bands from the early 1970's, and Rick's first really successful band, "Mammal", can be resurrected, given enough warning - most of the membership are required to report from Sydney. When this actually happened, for Wellington's spectacularly successful Duke of Edinburgh reunion, it was much much more than a get together of a gaggle of ageing rock-bores. The whole line-up has been playing in the interim, so now when "Mammal" gets together the massive potential of twenty-five years ago is realized.

The Sydney contingent includes Robert Taylor on guitar, who left New Zealand with triple-platinum album band "Dragon," later to be joined by the brilliant young drummer Kerry Jacobson. Bass player Mark Hornibrook, who has been in Robert's band on and off since 1971, and Australasia's gospel godfather, Tony Backhouse, complete it. Bill Lake is also in the band.