Gordon Spittle is co-writing a work with Rick Bryant and plays in the Rick Bryant Trio. Gordon is also a published music writer.


before lutha there were groups called pill and brass onion, pussyfoot and the throb, the raiders and kaleidoscope, klap and autumn green. they played bible class dances and nightclubs called the sunset strip on rattray street, the living end and mojos. student hops and courtyard parties. the agricultural hall and the chance of stardom in the annual battle of the bands.

BEAT GROUPS & COURTYARD PARTIES is the sound of dunedin music over a decade or so from the early 1960s, the bands & their music, the guitars and repertoires, the people and faces raging round the beer keg & sofas.

The critics rave:

"loved the rattray street piece"
[andrew loog oldham].
"serious flashback"
[trevor reekie].
"as a musical and social history it looms as a vital document whose relevance will grow still further in years to come"
[roy colbert].
This revised reprint with lots of pix on glossy paper (60pp.) is not currently available, sorry!