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Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers - December 1st gig reviews and views + photos

The Rick Bryant Trio played The Dogs Bollix with a selection from 30+ new songs with special guest artists on Thursday July 19th.

Rick Bryant and The Jive Bombers perform Morning at the London Bar last June.

Rick Bryant's co-writer and guitarist in the Rick Bryant Trio, Gordon Spittle, published a remarkable piece of Kiwi history.

Eminent Wellington Blues showman Darren Watson. We have linked his myspace page so you can have a listen.

DVD RELEASE: Struggle No More Costa Botes has crafted this wonderful story of the Windy City Strugglers - where they came from - their music - their thoughts - why they do it and how they have managed to break into Europe four decades on.

It is not just an extremely good film. It's the music. 30 minutes of exclusive concert footage of the Strugglers.

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