/images/musicians/jubilation/0411/jean2.jpgJubilation performed to a large crowd at the Auckland Town Hall Concert Chamber. Here is a video page of their entrance and the first few bars of Rick Bryant doing Testify.

Here are some images from recent video.

Jean McAllister is our kind of Blues singer. She completely captivates the audience with her intensity - here she performs a Rick Bryant original gospel number.
Rick Bryant is a New Zealand Blues living legend - leading Jubilation and also writes some of their rather extensive repertoire. When one considers, tuning 30 voices and they sound this good and do dozens of songs - have a look at their webpage for an idea of how many songs Jubilation may select from at the next concert.
Amanda Billing is hugely popular with the crowd. She peforms Every Day is Sunday, a breezy high point in a show that had many intense high points. You really got to hear Amanda Billing sing, live.
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