“This choir is probably the most versatile selection of singers in New Zealand today and can only be described as spectacular! Talking of breath-taking, I cannot recall a recording session that left us more moved than this….If you haven’t heard Jubilation, reprioritize them to the top of your concert schedule” Sam Airey – NZ Musician Oct/Nov 2006

“….what makes this secular choir singing religious music to a secular congregation-seemingly mild mannered folk - affect their audience to the point where by the end they jump to their feet, yelling, stomping and hooting for more?....Quite apart from the obvious enjoyment and entertainment factor - Jubilation are brilliant- I think the answer lies in the fact that the sound is very tangible, creating a shared, enriching experience…But does Jubilation have soul? Hell yes”. - Kate Ward-Smythe ( www.theatreview.org.nz) Nov 2006

“They raised the roof …with their soulful Gospel energy and repertoire.

(Jubilation) roused the full house and got people tapping their toes and swaying in their seats…The rangeof voices was spectacular , and so was the array of songs, from uplifting stomping beats to softer all-female trios..the group gave a raw,personable and natural show….There was a spiritual dimension to the performance, but it was a spirit that adhered more to a rock n’roll God than a religious one”. - Natalie Bridges – Bay of Plenty Times May 2006

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