Snow on the Desert Road

Rick Bryant and The Windy City Strugglers take to the stage to further celebrate the word as lyric in New Zealand. Some of our most evocative language-making is manifest in our song writers. Chris Bourke will weave some commentary around it all. The Windy City Strugglers are playing at the Go West Festival.

Go West festival, September 15, 8.00pm.
Titirangi War Memorial Hall,
500 South Titirangi Road, Titirangi.
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Black Soap Boys

Rick's acoustic trio with Gordon Spittle and Chris Grosz (The Black Soap Boys) are playing at the Mussel Inn, at Mapua and The Boat House, Nelson September 19-20-21.

"The little band is named thus because my new R&B album, a Jive Bombers album if you like, is called The Black Soap from Monkeyburg. It will be on Red Rocks very probably, like Strugglers CDs. The Black Soap in question refers to the daily melodrama on our experiential screen, if you follow. It has been particularly dark recently of course...there was more than a hint of prophecy in the rhetoric." - Rick Bryant

The Black Soap Boys - Press release

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The Album Release

Latest - Considerable interest is brewing about Rick Bryant's imminent album release - Black Soap from Monkeyburg. A major Auckland gig is rumoured... on October 19th. Watch this space.

Blast from the past

Rick Bryant appeared with Dunedin band Soul Deep in 2010.