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Rick's other bands

Rick is also a member of the [secular] gospel choir "Jubilation," a thirty-ish voice acappella enterprise that includes such high-profile singers Jean McAllister, Jennifer Ward-Lealand and Jackie Clark.

He also fronts "The Squares" in Auckland, and "The Wellington Squares" in Wellington, which enables him to sing a range of ballad material from Sinatra to Ray Charles, that is outside the scope of his other bands.

Then there is the smallest unit, in which Rick goes two piece, sometimes with Bill Lake, from the Windy City Strugglers, sometimes with John Kempt, who produced, engineered, and co-wrote some of the Jive Bombers "Time" CD.

"This is the most convenient way to tour, both to promote the album. in that we sell it at gigs, and to promote the songs, in the sense that we can demonstrate that we dont need an enormous band to play them. I'd rather tour with an enormous band, but you cant do that all the time."

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Other Bands

Other bands