Rough Justice - 1976

We asked Rick Bryant about his time in Rough Justice. Here is the complete history.

"...there was Rough Justice Mk I, which I started before finishing my jail sentence in spring 1976 with the late Mike Farrell, guitar, Steve Garden drums. John Key piano and Patrick Bleakely on upright bass. We played some of Mike's songs but would have been recognized as a bit over dependent on Little Feat covers. I liked doing little known soul covers myself.

This first line-up imploded and I started mk II by ringing Nick Bollinger (bass guitar) who brought Martin Highland on drums, Peter Boyd on tenor and baritone sax and bass clarinet and Steven Jessup, guitar and alto sax. Peter Kennedy joined on lead from Rick and the Rockets. Simon Page was on piano for a bit but for most of the 1977-79 life span of this membership Mike Gubb played piano. Other short term members / prominent guests included Denis Mason on sax and Bill Lake and Tony Backhouse on guitar and vocals.

A recording "Whitby Success" was included in a Radio Windy vinyl compilation and there was a good live session done at Radio New Zealand in 1979 but the tapes may have been bulldozed with Broadcasting House. I have quite a few live cassettes and so does Nick Bollinger I believe.

We actually didn't have a clue but we did at times play some very enjoyable music, and Peter Mike and Denis in particular were inspirational soloists with taste to pour on the ground and set alight. Remember that there were a lot of show off wankers around, but these guys could actually structure and sustain a big solo -

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