The Darlings

Sale St venue

Tuesdays in March

The Sale Street Venue is a big old barn style with a large corner stage. Perfect for a band like this when you really want to listen. The Darlings are putting on free concert gigs during March at the Sale St venue. The band has reformed after 15 years. The three guitar, two lead singer, one drummer format is varied when both singers pick up their tambourines! It is Country with some variation across blues, gospel number and soul that explores the capabilities of one of New Zealand's premiere all singing all dancing performers. Jacqui Clark capturing the spirit of deep south gospel in her every step with Jubilation, and her role in this band includes shared lead vocals and some mighty fine BV work.

And Callie Blood is so authentically country it maybe keeps the very playful Jacqui just slightly in check. Not for long. But just as well if her antics are anywhere near as potent as her great voice that explores a whole different side in this context.

I highly recommend that gospel fans get to the Sale Street venue on Tuesday 25 March. The gig starts about 8ish with two other acts also worth seeing. This is a unique opportunity for Aucklanders to see something rare indeed. Incredibly good value and musically it is certainly belongs up there where we start calling things "really great".

The Darlings are playing in Sale Street Tuesdays in March. See the News page for details.