Jubilation Membership

Formed in the year 2000, Jubiliation is a gospel choir based in Auckland, New Zealand. We are not affiliated to any church (indeed many of us are not religious); we simply get together every Tuesday night because we love to sing this music and all of us get a kick out of trying to sing it well.

Although the Jubilation repertoire is firmly rooted in traditional African-American gospel, they also sing songs by contemporary songwriters that draw on that tradition (e.g. Ben Harper, Cissy Houston, Rev. Richard Smallwood and even Van Morrison, Tom Waits!) as well as having the luxury of an in-house song-writing and arranging team. At present our repertoire stands at about 40 songs and we try to add one or two new songs for every gig to keep things interesting.

Even though our membership of 25-30 includes professional musicians and actors (e.g. Jackie Clarke, Rick Bryant, Jean McAllister, Neil Watson, Fiona Samuel, Jennifer Ward-Lealand…) that is not a requirement. In fact, many of us don’t read music. But, regardless of our background, we aim for professional standards of performance and recording (there is a CD on the way).

Members as at August 2006

Fiona Samuel
Jennifer Ward-Lealand
Jinni Easterday
Linda McPhee
Liz Fletcher
Mimi Lewell
Olivia Stephens
Sally Dodds
Alan Jones
Clinton Gore
James Moore
Nic Beets
Nick Rosenberg
Rick Bryant
Simon Pierpoint
Tim Tenbensel
Amanda Billing
Buzz Worley
Isolde Grunwald
Jackie Clarke
Jean McAllister
Karen Rutherford
James Nicholson
Lorraine Havill
Peter Kirkbride
Roger Pitcher
Tessa Farnsworth
Rachel Key
Jenny Gordon
Suzi Moore
Tim Dodd