The Rick Bryant Trio

The Rick Bryant Trio is one of Rick's "working bands" meaning they provide a vehicle for his prolific song writing. So, they have worked out a growing reportoire of new songs and they meet lunchtimes to rehearse the new material. Most of the writing is by Rick Bryant and Gordon Spittle. It's the old music done new. We hope to be able to present some of this for you soon...

The Rick Bryant Trio gig - July 19th 2007

The first gig in a while for the Rick Bryant Trio held on July 19th at The Dogs Bollix, Newton Road. This was the first airing for many of Rick Bryant's new songs written with Gordon Spittle.

The Rick Bryant Trio is a small group that gives it room to invite guest performers. this time Siobhan Marshall (Outrageous Fortune) joined his new BV linuep and did a solo. See the photos taken by Thomas Mee. As usual, it takes me ages to post stuff but when there is something afoot, then its just as well if there is some juicy material. Pretty soon we should be able to include one of my favourite new tracks from the trio gig, if it is going to get into The Jive Bombers show. What did you think of the new material? I liked the end of the first half, when there was just Rick and Trio exploring new territory, so perhaps I can bring back some decent memories. Countdown, coming soon, I hope. Email and ask for it, it may help...

In case you missed it, here is the free video of Rick Bryant doing Morning, last year at the London Bar - this is almost the trio playing within The Jive Bombers - Gordon and Neil on guitar along with the man himself are the trio, but we are also pleased to be able to announce that a Jive Bombers show will be on again soon and the best of the new material has been arranged to suit the huge arrangement.

So, without further ado, here are the shots of the new BV lineup.
BVs featuring special guest artist Siobhan Marshall.
July 19th Rick Bryant Trio Gig shot.
Rick Bryant
BV - Mia

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30+ New Songs

It's official

The Rick Bryant Trio have quietly announced a gig. It's at The Dog's Bollix - on Newton Road just near the K'Road/Ponsonby Road intersection.

We all know Rick Bryant has been around the New Zealand Music scene since the 70s but you probably did not know over the last two years Rick Bryant has written over 60 new songs. The central core writing team on the first set of songs to emerge is Rick Bryant and Gordon Spittle with 30+ New Songs.

The Rick Bryant Trio features Gordon Spittle (Lutha) and Neil Watson (Tim Finn, Anika Moa) on guitars; and sometimes includes: on drums, Ross Burge (Mutton Birds) and Terry Gill keyboards.

30+ New Songs