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More videos are in the works. Have you seen Bluer Than You'll Ever Be by the Windy City Strugglers? It's right here. Indexing some of the Struggers content on the site so you can find it all more easily!

Oldest ever blues recording - can be found on Wikipedia

Dogs Bollix shoot - Windy City Strugglers - a hand held small camera shoot has yeilded some nice footage of Rick Bryant - there is a link on the news page to the first video to be given the green light by the Strugglers.

Jubliation - have published several videos from their filmed gig at The Blue Stone Room recently - by a team of film students.


Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers

Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers played a mini set of gigs in September 2008. Putting together this ample set of about 35 songs took great dedication and much time with these craftmen creating some strong new blues and this effort was certainly matched by the performance in the first show, however the second seemed to suffer from a number of difficulties with sound.

Neil Watson seared on lead guitar, Chris Watts and Mike Croft create the signature sound and drummer, Ross Burge, is obviously one of the real greats.

The band gave new treatment to the familiar while also learning a list of brand new songs, including the delicious Rum and Honey. There were three solo numbers, Rick Bryant opened the second half solo could have been the show, Bryant should consider solo work as his voice is again up to it. Mia Straka seduced us with warm velvet tones and Leisa Matthews gave one of Rick's more familiar numbers the full ranchy justice.

The band includes lead guitarist Neil Watson (Anika Moa's guitarist and a solo performer), drummer Ross Burge (Mutton Birds, Dave Dobbyn's drummer, Finn Brothers), bass Tony McMaster (The Drongos, Space Waltz, Dragon), acclaimed trumpeter Kingsley Melhuish, sax maistro Chris Watts (both in Spargo, and Brassouls) with song writing and arrangement by Rick Bryant and Gordon Spittle.

The first show is exactly how it is done. The pieces sat in place. In contrast the second show suffered sound problems. There was some kind of overload. Although Bryant's delivery and the experience of the band still carried it - something sounded awry after the power came back on. But the band pulled through even though something seemed wrong with the BVs microphones.

Rick Bryant and the Jive Bombers announce two dates

The big band has announced two new gigs - on the last two Saturdays in September. There was quite a struggle to get all 11 or 12 with available dates, but we have it in the bag. And getting two Saturdays at the London Bar at short notice. They did say they can provide dinner if it's a bit earlier. Another production is in process. This time the thinking is to start it a little earlier than before. And no support act. That way a more substantial party night of great sound of the big band.

NZ Musician Magazine review of TIME
Quotes: "Then came that voice ... man! Powerful, textured, Rick Bryant is Kiwi rock's finest singer"
"it's the voice, THAT voice that continually grabs your attention and your soul." - Peter Dent - NZ Musician Magazine review of TIME CD
NZ Musician Magazine cover edition featuring The Windy City Strugglers.
Clever Monkeys song lyrics by Rick Bryant.
Article by Rick Bryant in the New Zealand Listener.

Jerry Wexler

August 15th

Jerry Wexler aged 91 died on August 15th. He christened black popular music rhythm and blues, and as a record producer he helped lead the genre to mainstream popularity.

Music Video channel

Blues Documentary short

A documentary on YouTube interviewing the guy who started playing blues on the New York Subway. Memorable quotes: "$2000 in quarters!" "I feel free playing"

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