The Jubilation Gospel Choir

Jubilation is one very fine gospel choir. Led by founding member Rick Bryant who also writes some of the line-up performed by the highly acclaimed Jubiliation Gospel Choir. You can read much more about Jubilation on their website, www.jubilation.co.nz.

We have composed some web content - mainly good for broadband. 99 - 1/2 should download to modems - however. It was played on National Radio recently and the other clip was featured on morning TV, TVNZ TV1, on 12 August 2006 with a delightful interview between Rick Bryant and Paul Henry. Any comments from viewers? - we will publish them! Just use the Contact page to send the comments.

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Jubilation Performances

Jubilation has performed at many venues in New Zealand, including regular gigs at Alleluya - gospel with dinner. Jubilation also have put on great evenings with dinner at The Sawmill Cafe. It was a real privilege to see the Jubilation gospel choir perform at the Columba Church in Surrey Cres last year. Jubilation has to be one of Auckland's best nights out. Listening to these superb voices is more than uplifting.

A recent public performance of Jubilation was on Saturday, 17 June 2006 at the Unitarian Church, Ponsonby. Here is a review:

Hearing that there was a Gospel choir performing we went along on a cold and wet winters evening. The audience seemed a relaxed crowd, a wide age group from 20’s up. We were jubilant as we left – what a wonderful evening, and more so because it was unexpected.

An NZBlues member Review

Masters of their art they had the audience spellbound till the last encore. Clearly demonstrated was the close relationship between soul, blues and gospel – two of the soloists, Rick Bryant and Jackie Clarke were particularly moved and moving, their soulful grunting and wailing, a wonderful contrast to the more formal melodies. These soloists took us, the audience, to the roots of our being – a celebration of the sadness, hope and joy of being human.


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